What topics are covered during Prep Week?

During Prep Week, we focus on five core themes to set you up for success in your Premium membership:

  • Welcome to Uvaro: This includes setting expectations for your Uvaro journey, a recap of Uvaro's value proposition, and an introduction to the Uvaro teams.
  • Frequently Used Tools: We'll guide you through each tool we use, such as Blackboard, Slack, and LinkedIn, and show you how to navigate your account for Course and Workshop sign-ups.
  • Your Uvaro Agreement: We'll review key details of your membership agreement, including attendance expectations and the importance of attestation for ASA Members.
  • Career Success: You'll uncover the four pillars of Career Success and learn how to connect with our career coaches for both asynchronous courses and live 1:1 coaching.
  • Prep Week Checklist: A quick review to ensure you've completed all assignments, are confident with the tools, and understand the next steps in your Uvaro journey.