What is Prep Week and why is it important for Premium members?

Prep Week is a one-week onboarding program that's a required part of your Premium membership. It covers five core themes: Welcome to Uvaro, Frequently Used Tools, Uvaro Agreement, Career Success, and a Prep Week Checklist for the next steps. Additionally, we guide you on how to use your account and sign up for Courses and Workshops.

Why is it Important?

  • Community: Introduces you to the Uvaro community, helping you feel connected and supported.
  • Tools & Profile: Familiarizes you with essential tools like Blackboard, Slack, and LinkedIn, and shows you how to navigate your profile for course and workshop sign-ups.
  • Membership Agreement: Reviews key membership details, including attendance and attestation requirements.
  • Career Success: Lays the groundwork for your career journey, including how to connect with coaches.
  • Prep Week Checklist: Ensures you're ready to proceed, having completed all assignments and understanding the tools and profile features.

Next Steps:

After Prep Week, you'll be well-equipped to make the most of your Premium membership, including live Courses, Workshops, and Career Coaching.