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What is Huntr job tracking & employer matching?

Jumpstart your career search process with Huntr and track and organize your job search.

❓ What is Huntr?

Huntr is a tool that helps you track and organize your job search. Job opportunities are scattered all over the place (Uvaro Job Board, Indeed, LinkedIn, email, personal meetings, etc), making it hard to remember where we've applied and where we stand with each opportunity. Huntr offers one place to keep all of those jobs and all the information related to them. Your Uvaro membership offers access to this job tracking tool.

A Huntr board represents a specific job search effort during your career. Right now you should only need one board. If you're searching for a new job in a few years' time you'll want to create a new board. A board is made up of opportunities inside a stage, from Wishlist or Applied all the way to the Offer stage.