What happens if I get hired while taking a Course and can no longer attend?

First off, congratulations on the new job! While we'd love for you to complete the course, we understand that new opportunities can bring schedule conflicts.

Here's what you can do:

  • Talk to Your Instructor: Before making any decisions, have a chat with your instructor. They may be able to offer solutions that allow you to finish the course while juggling your new responsibilities.
  • Consider Your Options: If you find that you truly can't continue, remember that the flexibility of a Uvaro membership allows you to drop the course and take it at a later date.
  • Email Us: If you decide to unenroll, send an email to help@uvaro.com to process your unenrollment.
  • Check Your Profile: Once you're unenrolled, the course will disappear from your "Upcoming Events" tab.

Either way, we're here to support your Career Success, whether that's through completing your current course or celebrating your new job opportunity!