What can I access with my Uvaro account?

With your Uvaro account, you gain access to a variety of free tools and resources designed to kickstart or enhance your career in tech sales. Here's what you can access:

  • Free Workshops: Participate in our public Workshops to get a taste of the quality of training and topics Uvaro offers.
  • The Career Success Blog: Stay updated with industry insights, tips, and career advice through our regularly updated blog.
  • Tech Sales Job Board: Browse through job listings tailored for tech sales roles, helping you identify potential opportunities.
  • Job Spotlight Email: Receive curated job opportunities directly in your inbox, making your job search more efficient.
  • On-Demand Resources: Access a range of on-demand materials aimed at skill development and career growth.

It's worth noting that as these tools are free, Premium products like specialized Courses, premium Workshops, and personalized Coaching are not accessible without a Premium membership. As we release additional free tools in the future, you'll automatically gain access to them as well.