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What are my obligations to remain in compliance when I sign the Assisted Subscription Agreement?

To ensure that you remain compliant with the terms of the Assisted Subscription Agreement and maintain your eligibility for the Assisted Subscription Rate, you are required to fulfill the following obligations:

Complete your monthly attestation report: Accurately and promptly submit your monthly attestation report to keep us informed of your current income status.

Earn below USD $40,000 per year: Your eligibility for the Assisted Subscription Rate is contingent upon your annual income being below the Qualified Income Threshold of USD $40,000.

Stay up-to-date with Assisted Subscription Rate payments: Ensure timely payments and maintain good standing with your Assisted Subscription Rate installments.

By adhering to these obligations, you can continue benefiting from the reduced Assisted Subscription Rate while working towards achieving your career goals in the tech sales industry.