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Tracking your job search process in Huntr

The job search process can be stressful and tolling. With the job search, as with any long term project, visualizing progress through time provides security and comfort. It turns those uneasy murky feelings into tangible data that we can act on.

The date filter

Before diving into how to use each individual chart, it's important to note that all of the data in your board metrics are for the time range you've selected at the top of the page. The default date range is the last 30 days, but if you want to analyze a shorter or longer range you can do that too.

Job search funnel

The funnel chart gives you insight into any bottlenecks in the job search process and how effectively you are moving jobs from one stage to the next.

The funnel has 4 stages:

Jobs Saved → 📁 Applications → 📞 Interviews → 🏆 Offers

These stages are not the same as your board stages. The way it works is that Huntr looks at all the jobs you've saved into your board in the selected time range, this number is the Jobs Saved metric. Huntr then looks through all of those saved jobs to check which of them have an application activity logged, those jobs are added up and represent the Applications metric. We follow the same process for Interviews and Offers, further filtering down the jobs from the Applications stage to see which of them have interviews logged, and then looking at those and filtering for the ones with an Offer activity logged.

This means that a job which has an offer activity logged, but no interview or application logged will not be represented in the offer stage because that job never even made it to the application stage. In short, to ensure an accurate funnel chart, make sure to log application, interview and offer activities for each job as you reach these milestones. Huntr makes this easy by automatically logging these activities as you drag and drop jobs through your board.

Key Stats

A simple set of numbers representing:

💼 Number of jobs saved within the selected date range.

🧑 Number of contacts saved within the selected date range.

🗒️ Number of notes saved within the selected date range.

🗓️ Number of activities with start dates within the selected date range.

Jobs created chart and table

A chart showing how many jobs you've saved into your Huntr board, along with a list of all the jobs represented in the chart.

Activities by category and date

Take a look at this chart if you are interested in seeing how many activities of each type you are performing through time (by day, week, month), these can include applications, interviews, meetings and more. We'll even show you all the activities represented in the chart in an activities table.