How many Courses and Workshops can I take with my Premium membership?

With a Premium membership, you enjoy unlimited access to both Courses and Workshops. That means you can take as many as you'd like, depending on your schedule and learning goals.

  • Courses: You have the freedom to enroll in as many Courses as you like over time, each designed to equip you for different facets of career success. However, it's worth noting that you can't enroll in multiple courses simultaneously. This is to ensure focused learning and higher retention of the Course material.
  • Some Courses have recommended prerequisites to guarantee you possess the foundational knowledge needed for more advanced subjects. We advise aiming to complete approximately three Courses per year for optimal learning outcomes and meaningful career progression.
  • Workshops: We encourage you to participate in as many Workshops as possible. These are excellent opportunities for hands-on learning and networking, and you can choose topics that align with your career objectives.