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How long is a typical Workshop?

Our Workshops typically last around 2 hours, although some may be shorter depending on the topic and format. To make the most of your experience, we recommend setting aside some additional time:

  • Pre-Workshop Buffer: Give yourself a 10-minute buffer before the workshop starts to get into the right headspace for learning. Use this time to review any pre-workshop materials, set up your workspace, and log into the platform.
  • Post-Workshop Buffer: Plan for another 15-30 minutes after the workshop concludes to take notes, reflect on what you've learned, and engage in networking opportunities with fellow attendees and the instructor.
  • Accessing the Workshop: You'll join your workshop through Blackboard Collaborate. The link to the workshop will be available on the homepage of your Uvaro.com member profile, under the "Upcoming Events" section.

By allocating a little extra time before and after the workshop, you'll be better prepared to absorb the material and make meaningful connections, enhancing your overall learning experience.