How does Prep Week prepare me for the rest of my Uvaro journey?

Prep Week is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge, tools, and community support you'll need throughout your Uvaro experience. Here's how it prepares you:

  • Community Building: You'll be introduced to the Uvaro community, a valuable network of peers, mentors, and coaches that you'll interact with during your courses and job search.
  • Tool + Profile Navigation: You'll become proficient in using key tools like Blackboard, Slack, and LinkedIn, which are integral to your learning and networking.
  • Career Success Framework: You'll gain a deep understanding of the pillars of Career Success, helping you align your goals and actions as you progress through Uvaro's Courses and Coaching.
  • Practical Skills: Learn how to use your Uvaro account, enroll for Courses and Workshops, and understand your membership agreement, setting you up for a seamless experience.