How do I navigate Uvaro when I create my account?

Once you create your Uvaro account, you'll be directed to your account homepage. This homepage serves as your central hub, allowing you to access and interact with the core features and services tailored to your account level.

  • Account Homepage: Initially, you'll have access to free tools like our Career Success Blog, Free Workshops, and tech sales job board. When you upgrade to a Premium membership, this same homepage will expand to include additional features such as specialized Courses, premium Workshops, and personalized Career Coaching.
  • Account Settings: For more personalized settings, look to the top-right corner of your screen. Here, a menu allows you to manage your profile, explore Career Matching options, and add your Work Experience.

In essence, your Uvaro account is designed for ease of use, adapting to offer you the resources most relevant to your career stage and goals. 

Ready to make the most of what Uvaro has to offer? Create your account or upgrade to Premium today.