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Do I still have to pay if I sign the ASA and don’t participate in any Courses?

Yes. As a Premium member with an Assisted Subscription Agreement, your payments will be activated based on your income exceeding the Qualified Income Threshold or a 12 month duration passing - whichever comes first, regardless of your participation in Uvaro's Courses.

As a Premium member, it is your responsibility to make the most of the Courses, Workshops, and resources offered by Uvaro. There are numerous ways to benefit from your Premium membership beyond enrolling in a Course, which means we don't measure our members' success solely on their Course participation.

However, if you sign the ASA, you are still obligated to make payments based on the terms of the agreement. This includes paying the Assisted Subscription Rate during the initial period, followed by the Subscription Payment once you reach the Qualified Income Threshold or when the initial period ends, whichever comes first.

To help you confidently determine if Uvaro is the right fit for your career goals, we provide a 14-day no-risk withdrawal window. During this time, you can explore the membership and its features. If you decide that Uvaro isn't the right fit, you can cancel your subscription within the 14-day window without any penalty, ensuring a worry-free investment in your career growth.

We encourage you to take full advantage of the offerings within your Premium membership to maximize your potential for success in the tech sales industry.