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Creating Your Huntr Candidate Profile

Create your own professional profiles within Huntr. These profiles help Uvaro match you to great job opportunities

As an Uvaro member, you have access to Huntr, your job application tracking and employer matching tool. Update your profile in Huntr here and get your profile employer ready. 

What does it look like?

Here’s a sample of what a candidate profile looks like (see it live here):

🎨 Creating Profiles

To get started with profiles, log into your Huntr account and click the Profile link on the left side menu.

Here you will have to go through the initial profile setup, which includes steps like selecting a unique username for their profile, deciding if you want you profile to be public and giving Uvaro access to their profile information. For Uvaro to do job matching, your profile must be shared with Uvaro.

Once the initial setup is finished, you will see the profile builder, this is where you can start building or edit your profile at any time. See the Profile Fields section for a full catalog of all the information in a profile.

Profile Settings

We value privacy, so you have full control on who you share your profile with. ONLY you can change the following profile settings:

Public Profile: If on, then the profile will be visible by anyone visiting the candidate’s unique URL. If off, then the profile will only be visible to organizations the profile is under and, if open to offers, Employers hiring through the Huntr platform Job seekers can toggle this on/off at any time.

Open to Offers: If this is off, then this profile will NOT show up in any searches that Employer partners run through the organization’s Employer Portal. This means that if a job seeker does not want Employer Partners to view their candidate profile, they can toggle this setting off.

Share with organization (Uvaro): By default, candidate profiles for job seekers that belong to an organization will be shared with that organization. With that said, a job seeker can, at any time stop sharing their candidate profile with your organization. If the job seeker toggles this off, then neither your team nor your Employer partners will be able to view this profile in your searches.