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Can I join a Workshop from my phone?

No. We understand that convenience is important to our members, and some may prefer to join our Workshops from their mobile devices. However, to ensure the best learning experience for all participants, we don’t recommend joining sessions on tablets or phones.

It’s important to note that learning environments should be conducive to active and focused participation. For example, joining from the couch or in the car can lead to distractions and hinder the learning experience. Therefore, we strongly encourage all participants to be prepared to engage in class activities and asynchronous work in a distraction-free environment, such as a desk or table, using a computer or laptop.

Please note that phones and tablets may not provide the necessary tools and features to participate effectively in class either. For instance, Blackboard Collaborate is not optimized for easy mobile access. Therefore, we recommend using a laptop or computer to ensure a smooth and effective learning experience for everyone involved.